James Hillery

James is a self-confessed baking and coffee addict and was was one of the bakes in Series 8 of the The Great British Bake Off (GBBO).

Whilst James Ioves challenging himself by making complex and tricky bakes, at the heart of his baking is a fascination with what delights can come out of a kitchen with some very basic ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, fat and yeast. When not baking James is often found lost in Pinterest looking for new ideas or glued to Food Network. If he can be pulled away from his “research” or day job, he can be found having fun with his family, walking the dog, down the allotment, feeding the chickens or finding a new cafe to have a sneaky coffee and cake in! James like to create recipes to inspire others back into the kitchen to have a try.

For more about James and to explore some of his recipes please visit his website www.cluckmuckcook.com

Recipes by James Hillery