As with any other celebration or festival, there are many traditional foods associated with Easter however the most well known Easter bakes are Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake.  With a long weekend to enjoy with family and friends ahead why not try one of our Easter recipes that add a twist to traditional Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cakes.    Or, why not try our treats – Chocolate Easter Showstopper Cake, Easter Chocolate Brownies or Easter Fridge Fudge (also great as a gift!).   These recipes all include chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao powder and/or cacao nibs, for an extra chocolatey surprise that is sure to make everyone very happy this Easter!



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Easter Showstopper Chocolate Cake

If you are entertaining this Easter and looking for the perfect Chocolate Easter Showstopper Cake recipe for a cake that will stand out amongst all the inevitable chocolate eggs and colourful wrappings then look no further!    Charlotte White has created this dramatic chocolate celebration cake for Food Thoughts using cacao powder, cacao nibs and dark chocolate.  It has a great chocolate flavour, a delightful whipped fudge frosting and is finished with a fashionable chocolate drip which is fun and easy to do.   Charlotte wanted to ‘throw chocolate at it’ and she certainly did that but wanted to point out that she did not want to be held responsible for any chocolate overdoses that may occur as a result of this recipe!   WATCH CHARLOTTE MAKING THIS CHOCOLATE EASTER SHOWSTOPPER CAKE       Recipe created by cake designer Charlotte White of www.restorationcake.com:   



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The traditiona of eating Hot Cross Buns goes way back to the Saxons who settled in Southern England in the 5th and 6th centuries.  They ate Hot Cross Buns to honour their goddess Eostre, the namesake of the festival of Easter.   It is thought these buns represented the moon and the cross symbolised the moon’s quarters.   To Christians, the cross symbolises the crucifixion, making these baked yeast rolls perfect for the Easter holiday.   Hot Cross Buns are traditionally eaten warm with butter.     However, as Easter is all about chocolate, these chocolate hot cross buns are made with organic cacao powder to make them extra special.  A hint of orange is used which will come through when eating them and this is mixed with other spices to create a fabulous, subtle flavour.   They can be made sugar free and vegan and are so delicious that they may not last long in the holidays break!   Recipe created by Ugne Bubnaityte of ‘Great British Bake Off’ fame and professional baker dedicated to healthy living and guilt free recipes: www.ugnebakes.com



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This brownie recipe was created by Charlotte White and uses ingredients you are likely to already have in your kitchen to make the world’s most chocolatey brownie with no actual chocolate in the mix.   Food Thoughts Cacao Powder more than compensates for the omission of melted chocolate and the high proportion of both butter and sugar make for a perfectly sticky, fudgy brownie.    Charlotte has decorated these for Easter using the tiniest chocolate eggs that she could find but they taste equally delicious naked!    WATCH CHARLOTTE MAKING THESE EASTER CHOCOLATE BROWNIES      Recipe created by Charlotte White of www.restorationcake.com



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This is just about the easiest version of a fudge recipe that there could possibly be.   If you can melt chocolate, you can make this fudge, so it is perfect for a quick sugar fix, an easy Easter gift or something fun to make with the children over the Easter holidays.    This recipe is based on one from Charlotte White’s mother and it may be unorthodox but it works.  Charlotte can remember making this in the same way for her university friends when she was 19 and had very little kitchen equipment and a student’s budget.  So this fudge was always a winner in more ways than one!      Recipe created by cake designer Charlotte White of www.restorationcake.com:



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This is the quickest of recipes which you will find in Waitrose Weekend Easter Baking Special (using cacao powder as well as milk chocolate).     These delicious Easter Chocolate Nests are so easy to make and so  are ideal for making with the kids over the Easter weekend – particularly if you are trying to find indoor activities due to the rainy forecasts!     These ca be uses with cornflakes or rice krispies.    Recipe created by Waitrose 


Simnel Cake signifies the end of Lent, the period of 40 days which comes before Easter.  The Simnel cake is traditionally rich with fruits, spices, and marzipan – all forbidden during the period of Lent.   The name ‘Simnel’ probably comes from the ancient Roman ‘simila’, meaning ‘fine flour’.   The cake is decorated with 11 marzipan balls which represent the eleven true disciples of Jesus.     Simple, everyday, cakes of ‘simnel bread’ have been known in England at least since the 13th Century, and are always described as being boiled as well as baked.  We don’t know quite what they tasted like, but we do know that, around the time of Queen Elizabeth I, fancy simnel cakes came to be associated with springtime – they turn up in celebrations of Mothering Sunday, Easter, or the day-off from the religious fast of Lent known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’.     These two Simnel Cake recipes include Chocolate to add another dimension and make them even more delicious and appropriate for Easter!


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Food Thoughts Chocolate Simnel Cake

This delicious recipe uses Organic Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate Chips to make it even more delicious than more plain versions.


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Easter Chocolate Simnel Cake



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