Created by Howard Middleton, former contestant from Series 4 of The Great British Bake-off, this recipe comes to us courtesy of the Great British Chef’s recipe collection.  The chocolate chips they use can easily be replaced by Food Thoughts rich and chocolatey cacao nibs.  Our cacao nibs give the perfect crunch to this tasty treat that is gloriously gluten-free too.

Cacao is rich in flanvanols and antioxidants as well as iron and fibre so they make the perfect superfood choice to add to these scrummy cookies (although you could add nuts too if you wish).

Howard assures us all that these cookies are nice and easy to make with a lovely soft centre that becomes crisper after a while.  They are created using corn flour (not the starchy, silky white cornflour that you usually thicken stews and gravy with, but the yellow kind made from maize) sometimes known as extra fine cornmeal and which is now easily available in most health food shops and some supermarkets.



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Howard Middleton

Howard Middleton
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