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4 Ways to Add Organic Cocoa Powder to your Daily Diet

Organic cocoa is a wonderful ingredient for most recipes. It is not just delicious, but healthy as well. Who doesn’t like something that is both tasty and healthy at the same time? If you are ready to indulge in chocolate heaven, read on to find 4 ways to add cocoa to your daily diet but make sure you buy organic cocoa powder to gain maximum benefit from all the goodness cocoa has to offer:

Granola Bars:

Granola bars are very easy to make. Once you have the granola bar mixture ready, simply add cocoa powder to it but make sure it doesn’t get too dry. You can add cacao nibs as well for added bite. There are many recipes online to help you.


How about having chocolate for pudding? Sounds fun, right? Why not try dark chocolate ganache with caramelised pears? The sponge is airy and light and you get to enjoy the great benefits of cocoa powder as well. Or how about a dark chocolate gelato? – a perfect ending to any meal.

Brownies and Fudge:

The healthy version of brownies and fudge lets you enjoy the benefits of organic cocoa powder. Search the internet for easy chocolate brownie recipes. Another suggestion is the chocolate almond expresso fudge bar that’s easy to make and delicious to eat.

Fruits have never been Tastier!

Simply sprinkle cocoa powder over frozen banana slices and you’ll love them more than ever!  Alternatively, a bowl of raspberries or blueberries with a sprinkle of cocoa powder is a different definition of a delicious snack.

So, why not go ahead and buy organic cocoa powder to try out these tasty recommendations.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think!