Finest Cocoa and Cacao Chocolate Ingredients, Naturally for Baking

Food Thoughts™ is the leading brand for cocoa and cacao chocolate home baking ingredients and are chosen by chefs, home bakers and foodies who really care about using the best quality chocolate ingredients for rich, velvety and tasty chocolatey results.

The range includes Organic 100% Cocoa Powder, Natural 100% Cacao Powder, Natural 100% Cacao Nibs and three types of NEW Cacao Chocolate Melts™ which are ideal for use within a recipe, decorating and / or finishing.  All products are ethically sourced using the finest single origin cacao bean varieties and processed using only natural methods to ensure all the healthy nutrients are retained.


ORGANIC FAIRTRADE 100% COCOA POWDER is a deliciously rich blend of Criollo, Trinitario & Forastero beans, perfect for intense quality of flavour and texture in baking chocolate recipes, cakes cupcakes, brownies and desserts.

NATURAL CACAO POWDER is non alkalized and prepared naturally to ensure it retains health giving nutrients – a natural source of flavanols and anti-oxidants, fibre & protein – also delicious in smoothies, hot chocolate drinks or sprinkled on your breakfast.

NATURAL CACAO NIBS are from the best single origin Colombian Fino de Aroma beans selected for their exquisite quality and flavour. The intense chocolate flavour and crunchy texture make Food Thought Nibs an ideal healthier alternative to chocolate chips or nuts in cookies, biscuits, brownies, cakes.


NEW Food Thoughts CACAO CHOCOLATE MELTS™ are a range of fine dark & white chocolate discs.   These fine chocolate melt discs are shaped so they can be melted quickly, easily and consistently with no mess.   The velvet sheen finish and clean snap make them ideal for inclusion in chocolate cakes, bakes and desserts recipes and ideal for finishing and decorating including covering, filling, drizzling, dipping, shards and piping.


Most of us will start off the year with a wish to eat healthier so if this applies to you (and you can’t face missing out on chocolate), then here are a few ideas to help you.

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