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Buy Organic Cacao Powder or Cocoa Powder for Organic September

Organic September is an annual event held by the Soil Association.   The campaign celebrates all organic food produce and products and aims to help promote the benefits of ‘Going Organic’ to the consumer.  In last year’s campaign over 50 million people were reached meaning that many more people became aware of the true benefits of an Organic diet.

Organic foods do not use chemicals or artificial additives and farmers use more environmentally friendly methods to cultivate them – meaning that they are healthier for consumption and better for the environment.

Organic foods have many advantages over their non-organic counterparts and Organic September is the perfect time for everyone to realise these and perhaps consider starting a regime of cutting out, or certainly reducing, the chemicals consumed via the food they consume on a daily basis.

Go Organic with Food Thoughts Cacao Powder or Organic Cocoa Powder 

Food Thoughts is passionate about producing products of the highest quality and proud to support the Organic September campaign.   Did you know that our cocoa and cacao powders are organic, Soil Association approved and that our 100% Cocoa is also Fairtrade approved (which ensures that farmers and their families are supported in the work that they do).

Our Cocoa Powder and Cacao Powder are used by Great British Chefs, celebrity bakers and professional chefs due to its wonderful chocolatey flavour and velvety texture in baking.  It is certainly the healthier option due to all the benefits that cocoa and, in particular, cacao, deliver.    Why not try out some exciting new recipes using Food Thoughts Natural Cacao Powder or Organic 100% Cocoa?    Both are available in store or online from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.

Organic September starts soon so don’t wait to try out a healthier alternative in baking chocolate recipes?    See some of our suggestions here?

You can find out more about Organic Living by visiting the Official Site.