You will need


Make the coffee - strong or decaf, it's your choice. But make sure you let it cool down before using.

Put a handful of ice cubes into a cocktail shaker, add the Vodka, Coffee Liqueur and espresso coffee and shake until you feel the shaker has gone nice and cool.

Strain the cocktail liquid into a martini glass. Add the Cacao Nibs and get the party started! Cheers

To make a Cocoa Espresso Martini mocktail, replace the vodka with a non alcoholic vodka or gin and instead of the coffee liqueur, use coffee flavoured syrup. Or make your own by mixing 1 tsp Food Thoughts Organic Cacao Powder with 1 tbsp sugar and 25ml warm water - stir to dilute and let cool. Then mix with the rest of the ingredients and enjoy!