You will need


Begin by roughly chopping the Food Thoughts Oat Mylk Chocolate Chips and Oreos. Put to one side.

In a bowl empty the contents of the chilled cans of coconut milk and then add the maple syrup, vanilla essence, ground almonds, Food Thoughts Organic Cocoa Powder, cornflour, and smooth peanut butter.

Use a whisk to combine thoroughly. You want to aerate the mixture. Whisk for a couple of minutes. Your arm will be aching!

Now fold through ¾ of the chopped oat milk chips and Oreo, then empty the mixture into a loaf tin or container of choice.

Top with the remaining oat milk chips and Oreo pieces and place in the freezer ideally overnight, or for at least 7-8 hours.

Allow to thaw for 5 minutes upon removal from the freezer before scooping and enjoying on its own or in a cone.