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Spare a Thought: Ethical & Nourishing Ramadan Recipes

4 easy Ramadan recipes for anyone fasting

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, prayer, and charity. It is also a chance to spare a thought for those around us through the Ramadan recipes and ingredients we choose.

Food Thoughts is here to support everyone in this mission, with thoughtful ingredients that are sourced sustainably, fairly traded, and housed in 100% recyclable packaging. 

How can we create more thoughtful Ramadan recipes?

This Ramadan, Food Thoughts invites you to spare a thought for our growers, the planet, others, and yourself, by selecting ethical ingredients to use in your Ramadan recipes.

Spare a thought for our growers

At Food Thoughts, we are committed to producing cocoa and cacao ingredients that are ethically sourced and fairly traded. We have been working with the same growers for more than 20 years so we can guarantee our cocoa and cacao ingredients are produced with fair pay and safe working conditions for our growers and without the use of child labour or slavery. Since baking is so often an expression of our love for others, it’s good to know that by choosing Food Thoughts you are treating others better too. 

Spare a thought for the planet

Food Thoughts is home to the UK’s first ever Fairly Traded cocoa powder. We grew from an Oxfam initiative. So ethics aren’t just an added extra for us – they’re the reason we exist. Our cocoa and cacao ingredients are sustainably sourced and housed in 100% recyclable packaging. This means that with every purchase, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Spare a thought for others

Baking during Ramadan is an act of kindness and compassion for those around us. It’s a chance to get together with loved ones, welcome new friends and neighbours, and catch up with elderly friends or those often on their own with a cup of tea and a slice of something sweet. So, whether you’re sharing a delicious dessert at Iftar or whipping up a nutritious breakfast for Suhoor, choosing ethical ingredients for your recipe for Ramadan gives us even more reasons to celebrate together!

Spare a thought for yourself

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to take time to nourish and refuel. These 4 easy Ramadan recipes are designed with nutritious ingredients that will help to keep your body and mind healthy throughout Ramadan. 

Nourishing Ramadan Recipes

These delicious recipes, with ingredients that are full of health benefits, will help you to observe and celebrate Ramadan with simple and nutritious dishes that nourish the body, mind, and soul. 

cacao granola nourishing Ramandan recipe

Cacao Granola

Start your day off with a delicious Cacao Granola. This easy-to-make recipe combines Food Thoughts Organic Cacao Powder and Roasted Cacao Nibs with oats and nuts for a crunchy, healthy Suhoor meal or snack. 

cacao oatmeal bake nourishing Ramadan recipe

Chocolate Orange Oatmeal Bake

This deliciously indulgent Chocolate Orange Oatmeal Bake is an ideal morning meal. With Food Thoughts Organic Cacao Powder, coconut oil, nut butter, and orange zest, it’s a sweet treat with a healthy twist and one of our favourite, easy Ramadan recipes for Iftar.

bean and butternut squash nourishing recipe in a dish

Vegan Bean & Butternut Squash Chilli

This vegan Bean & Butternut Squash Chilli is a great way to use up any leftover veg. With Food Thoughts Organic Cocoa Powder, garlic, and chilli, it’s a spicy and hearty one-pot dish. Plus, it can be made ahead – a perfect healthy Ramadan recipe as part of an Iftar spread. 

chocolate and nuts smoothie in a bowl

Chocolate, Almond & Peanut Smoothie Bowl

This delicious Chocolate, Almond & Peanut Smoothie Bowl is packed full of goodness, with Food Thoughts Organic Cacao Powder, almond milk, and peanut butter. Top with your favourite fruits and nuts for a nutritious, filling breakfast or snack. 

These recipes are just a few of the many ways to enjoy Food Thoughts ingredients during Ramadan. For an extra health boost, simply sprinkle some of our Luxury Dark Chocolate Chips or Roasted Cacao Nibs onto your already tried-and-tested recipes. You will be amazed by the difference really good chocolate baking ingredients make!

To find out more and explore our range, head over to the Food Thoughts shop.